Leadership and Team Building

Building a company requires a unique skill set that is, unfortunately, absent in most managers and leaders today. A company’s success is very much determined by the strength of its team; which in turn is determined by a manager’s or leader’s ability to develop and sustain a resilient high-performance team.

This is no easy feat. It requires a leader who is able to master themselves and others. Leaders must engage in introspection – continuously evaluating themselves and their leadership style. This introspection and evaluation can be utilized for self-improvement, especially those improvements that may benefit the team they are leading.

Leaders must also be apt in identifying the right people that will form the team. They must know each individual team member well, understand the needs of the team, help team members embrace their differences, and to acknowledge and make each individual realize the significance their experience adds to the team.

A leader is only deemed successful in so far as their team is successful. A great leader knows how to extract the talent and potential from his/her team members. That is not to say that leaders are not equally as competent and knowledgeable in their own expertise and experience. Their unique touch helps to solve problems and seek new solutions in an expeditious manner.

Constructive feedback is an integral part in ensuring that the team maintains a steady course. Moreover, it is important for the betterment of the team and the organization. Feedback should be given in a continuous and proactive manner and should not only be given in response to a problem or specific incidence.

Proactive feedback is important as it shows that employees are acknowledged and appreciated. Employees need recognition and want to be shown that they are being appreciated and respected, otherwise they may lose morale and their performance may wane. Leaders must be genuine when giving recognition and respect. This can lead to building loyalty and trust amongst the team. When an employee feels that they are not being taken for granted and that their efforts are not going unnoticed, they will feel a greater sense of purpose and satisfaction which subsequently can improve their work performance.

Internal acknowledgement and appreciation is equally as important. One must always celebrate their success, no matter how small. This requires them to take a step-back and reflect on their accomplishments and the journey they have endured which led them to the success they now attain.

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