Coaching aims to build and strengthen an individual’s potential, helping them to maximize their performance. The importance of coaching individuals, groups, or oneself lies in its ability to raise awareness and responsibility, two essential factors in enhancing performance. While awareness helps increase input, passion, and the ability to learn, responsibility is bred by presenting an individual with an array of choices and making allowing them to choose, thus building self-esteem, confidence, and self-motivation.

Awareness and responsibility are both embedded in the mind. Although knowledge and experience are vital to performance, the mind takes precedence over both, and that is the focal area on which coaching works. Coaching shifts an individual’s focus and attention from past mistakes and limiting beliefs on to the limitless opportunities of the future.

Individual Coaching: It refers to working with an individual on particular areas of interest, their strengths and/or weaknesses, in order to unlock their full potential. It serves as a catalyst for enhancing one’s performance whether for self-improvement or for the improvement of the teams they lead.

Group Coaching: It refers to coaching an entire team which aims to expedite their development and to overcome any challenges in communication thus ensuring efficiency and high performance.